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Mt. Remo Backcountry Society (MRBS)
c/o PO Box 883
Terrace, BC V8G 4R2
Membership Application
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Membership is $30/annum and renewed on a calendar year basis. Of the $30, 10 is for an individual membership in the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC (FMCBC). Another $8 is for individual and directors/officers liability insurance obtained through FMCBC. The remaining $12 of the membership fee is applied towards two $500 scholarships, a Caledonia student scholarship and the Shannon Murdock Memorial Scholarship.

FMCBC requires an address for each member, and MRBS needs an e-mail address for communicating with its members which is not distributed to others.

FMCBC publishes the magazine Cloudburst which is mailed to members. They would like to distribute it electronically, but will mail it where there is no permission to use an e-mail address.

MRBS operates one backcountry cabin, Larsen. Cabin fees are $25/night per person. The cabin fees offset cabin maintenance; the largest expense being helicopter time to fly in firewood.

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